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Project Description

Gozleme is a store created by our love for preparing meals and the joy it gives us to see other people enjoying our dishes!

The actual gozleme pita we make is inspired from middle eastern street food and it went down so well with us because we could adjust it nicely to Greek taste, but also provides a great basis equally for meat lovers, vegetarians or vegans. Above all, it matches our philosophy because it is a great option for people of healthy lifestyles.

It is a thin handmade pita (yes, we roll traditional pastry!) which we fill with ingredients of your choice, then wrap it and cook it on a large metallic surface, sprinkling it with the most tasty fresh butter – or Cretan olive oil if you prefer.

We offer all the necessary goods for a balanced diet: fresh fruit and vegetable juices, colourful salads, vegetarian soups and savoury  tarts to meet every taste, handmade cereal bars and breakfast with yogurt, oats and dry nuts.

Desserts are also on our menu: kunefe, chocolate cake, rice pudding, cheesecake as well as experimenting with vegan delicacies.

Our philosophy is to serve delicious, healthy food, made with care and fine ingredients, that would satisfy even the most demanding food lover. We may be doing street food, but to us it is a much loved gourmet creation.